Trans Fat – – What’s That?

What if you suddenly discovered that a dangerous, life-threatening substance had made its way into nearly half the foods in your supermarket? It’s not grocery terrorism or product tampering. It’s trans fat, and the FDA estimates that 2,500 to 5,600 deaths per year could be prevented if consumers were more informed about it. But trans fat is also a critical tool for commercial food producers, from grocery chains to restaurants. It’s cheap and easy to make, easy to use, easy to store, and it extends foods’ shelf life significantly, so food manufacturers lobbied long and hard to prevent any regulation of it, including putting it on Nutrition Facts labels. The trouble is, of all the fats, consumers most need to know the facts about trans fats, because quite simply, they are the most damaging and dangerous to health. The Institute of Medicine in 2001 issued an unequivocal statement that trans fats “should not be eaten at all.” Bad News, Good News Advice like that from the government’s key health advisor is hard to ignore, and finally, in July of 2003, the federal government took action, passing new rules requiring food producers to start including trans fats on Nutrition Facts labels by 2006, listing them separately from other fat content so consumers can see how much trouble they’re bargaining for. If you’re like most Americans, you’ve been cutting back on dietary fat over the last 20 years or so, so you may wonder what the big deal is with trans fats. The long-time rascal of dietary fat has been saturated fat, which is mainly found in animal products like meat, butter and cheeses, and vegetable oils like coconut and palm oils. They’re considered the “bad fats” because they can raise your LDL cholesterol level, which increases your risk for coronary artery disease. But they’ve got nothing on trans fats. Also referred to as “trans fatty acids,” trans fats occur naturally only in tiny amounts. Most of us are getting trans fats made artificially, through the commercial process of hydrogenation, and we’re consuming them in mass quantities. Adding hydrogen to unsaturated vegetable oils will make them solid at room temperature. Think of that gleaming white goop that comes in a can. This is also how margarine is made from liquid vegetable oils. Though unsaturated fats are generally less harmful—though not less fattening—than saturated fats, the process of hydrogenation alters them at the molecular level and turns them into trans fats, making them assume many of the characteristics of saturated fats. Like saturated fats, these trans fats in commercial food products will offer the benefit of a longer shelf life. But they also come with the downside, because like saturated fats, trans fats raise the “bad” LDL cholesterol that accumulates in arteries. The FDA estimated that informing consumers about trans fat content on food labels could prevent 7,600 to 17,000 cases of coronary heart disease each year, to say nothing of all those deaths. The new Nutrition Facts labels will not have to indicate any daily value percentage for trans fats, but a footnote will be included saying that the intake of trans fats should be “as low as possible.” So until those rules come into effect, there are some ways to tell if the products you are consuming contain the nepharious trans fats. Know Thy Enemy Like tobacco, a little bit of trans fat once or twice probably wouldn’t harm you. It’s the cumulative effect over time that does the damage. And want to talk accumulation? Trans fats appear in more than 40 percent of standard grocery items! Just knowing the usual suspects is a good start in protecting yourself. Many processed foods contain trans fats. Foods like french fries, fried chicken, fish sticks or virtually any batter-dipped and fried foods will contain trans fats because they are fried in hydrogenated fat. Trans fats are also found in almost all margarines. They’re also in most pastries and doughnuts. Chips, cookies and microwave popcorn are about the biggest carriers of trans fats. In fact, most commercial snack foods are guaranteed to be trans fat carriers. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? Food producers are looking to get that longer shelf life and satsify customers’ flavor expectations by keeping their products fresher longer. But next time you’re savoring a Danish, just keep that glob of lardy white goop in mind. Because while trans fats can mean munching pleasure for your mouth, they’ll cause nothing but problems for your heart.

Healthy Trans Fats Vs. Unhealthy Trans Fats Revealed

I’m going to talk about something today that most of you have probably never heard…that there is a distinction between good trans fats and bad trans fats. There is some evidence that the good trans can help you with fat loss, muscle building, and even cancer prevention, while the bad trans fats have been shown to cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and the general blubbering of your body. I’m sure most of you have heard all of the ruckus in the news over the last few years about just how bad man-made trans fats are for your health. If you’ve been a reader of my newsletter and my “Truth about Six Pack Abs” e-book program, then you definitely know my opinion that these substances are some of the most evil food additives of all and are found in the vast majority of all processed foods and fast foods on the market today. In my opinion, man-made trans fats are right up there with smoking in terms of their degree of danger to your health. After all, they are one of THE MAIN factors for the explosion of heart disease since approximately the 1950’s. As you may have heard recently, the FDA has mandated that food manufacturers include the grams of trans fat on all nutrition labels starting back at the beginning of this year. This means that as inventory is replaced in the grocery stores, you should start to see grams of trans listed on all packages from now on, providing you with an easier way to avoid them. With all of the talk about trans fats in the news these days, I wanted to clarify some things, particularly regarding bad trans fats vs. good trans fats. If you’ve never heard of good trans fats before, let me explain in a bit. The Bad Trans Fats First, the bad trans fats I’m referring to are the man-made kind. These are represented by any artificially hydrogenated oils. The main culprits are margarine, shortening, and partially hydrogenated oils that are in most processed foods, junk foods, and deep fried foods. These hydrogenated oils are highly processed using harsh chemical solvents like hexane (a component of gasoline), high heat, pressure, have a metal catalyst added, and are then deodorized and bleached. A small % of the solvent is allowed to remain in the finished oil. This has now become more of an industrial oil rather than a food oil, but somehow the FDA still allows the food manufacturers to put this crap in our food at huge quantities, even with the well documented health dangers. These hydrogenated oils cause inflammation inside of your body, which signals the deposition of cholesterol as a healing agent on artery walls. Hence, hydrogenated oil = inflammation = clogged arteries. You can see why heart disease has exploded since this crap has been loaded into our food supply over the last 5 to 6 decades. As time goes on, and science continues to unveil how deadly these oils really are, I feel that eventually they will be illegal and banned from use. The labeling laws were just the first step. In fact, certain countries around the world have already banned the use of hydrogenated oils in food manufacturing or at least set dates to phase them out for good. However, keep in mind that as companies are starting to phase out the use of hydrogenated oils in processed foods, they are replacing them, in most instances, with highly refined polyunsaturated oils. These are still heavily processed oils using high heat, solvents, deodorizers, and bleaching agents. Even refined oils are known to produce inflammation in your body…a far cry from natural sources of healthy fats. Once again, for the best results, your best bet is avoiding highly processed foods altogether and choose whole, natural, minimally processed foods. Your body will thank you! The Good Trans Fats Ok, after having trash talked the man-made trans fats, let me clearly state that there IS such a thing as healthy natural trans fats. Natural trans fats are created in the stomachs of ruminant animals like cattle, sheep, goats, etc. and make their way into the fat stores of the animals. Therefore, the milk fat and the fat within the meat of these animals can provide natural healthy trans fats. Natural trans fats in your diet have been thought to have some potential benefit to aid in both muscle building and fat loss efforts. However, keep in mind that the quantity of healthy trans fats in the meat and dairy of ruminant animals is greatly reduced by mass-production methods of farming and their grain and soy heavy diets. Meat and dairy from grass-fed, free-range animals always have much higher quantities of these beneficial fats. One such natural trans fat that you may have heard of is called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and has been marketed by many weight loss companies. Keep in mind that these man-made CLA pills you see in the stores may not be the best way to get CLA in your diet. They are artificially made from plant oils, instead of the natural process that happens in ruminant animals. Once again, man-made just doesn’t compare to the benefits of natural sources. Now that all of your labels should be listing grams of trans fat, keep in mind that if a quantity of trans fat is listed on a meat or dairy product, it is most likely the natural good trans fats that we’ve discussed here. Otherwise, if the quantity of trans is listed on any processed foods, it is most likely the dangerous unhealthy crap from artificially hydrogenated oils, so stay away! I hope you’ve enjoyed this interesting look at good trans fat vs. bad trans fat and use the info to arm yourself with more healthful food choices for a better body.

World Hiking Records

Every hike is an adventure, but some shatter all expectations. Determination and stamina go head to head with gruelling and deadly hikes to excite and inspire the world of hiking. To whet your appetite, here are some our favourite hiking world records.

The World’s Longest Hike
There is some contention over this record. Whilst technically the Trans Canada Trail –once completed – will hold this record at 13,670 miles, much of it is roadside walking rather than true hiking. At present the trail offers over 9,320 miles of marked hiking. The longest trail in the USA is the North Country Trail, which runs for 4,600 miles from New York all the way to North Dakota.

The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail
The Huashan Trail, Shaanxi Province, China is not for the faint-hearted. The Chinese Government has recently begun installing safer handholds and walkways, but there are still vertical steps, bald mountain faces and narrow wood pathways to cross.

The World’s Highest Hike
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the world’s tallest “walkable” mountain, at 20,000 feet above sea level. Although no specialised equipment is needed, this mountain takes around six days to hike and many die from altitude sickness. It is essential to travel in a group to look out for one-another’s safety.

The John Muir Trail Speed Record
The John Muir Trail is 223 miles of beautiful Californian hiking, starting in Yosemite and usually taking hikers around twenty days to complete. The record, however, is four days, five hours and 25 minutes and the holder is Michael Popov. He carried all his own hiking equipment and had no assistance at all.

The Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Speed Record
This is 2,178 of scenic wilderness through the eastern United States, beginning at Springer Mountain in Georgia and heading south all the way to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Beginning to end may take three to five months and the route caters well to hikers. The male record-holder is Andrew Thompson, who travelled south in 47 days, 13 hours and 31 minutes. The female record-holder is Jennifer Pharr Davis at 57 days, 8 hours and 35 minutes. Completing the whole trail within a single season is called thru-hiking.

The Best Hiking Trail in the World
Of course this is subjective, but many hikers agree that for sheer breathtaking beauty as well as ease of travel, the Haute Route from France to Switzerland is the best trail in the world. The route begins in Chamonix, is 110 miles long and takes around twelve days to complete, finally ending in Zermatt, Switzerland. There are many rest stops for hikers along the route and little technical expertise is required, allowing hikers to travel through the most scenic vistas the Alps can offer and take the time to appreciate the views without fretting about where to make camp or how much food to pack. Passing from meadows to mirror-still lakes, through sleepy villages and surrounded by majestic peaks, the hike is no easy saunter. But the rewards are utterly incomparable.

Newfoundland Travels-burin Peninsula

The Burin Peninsula is an amazing drive. The scenery constantly changes. We stayed at Golden Sands Camp Ground on beautiful Golden Sand Lake outside of Marystown. The lake, fed by two salmon rivers, is about four miles in diameter and three feet deep for at least ½ mile from the shore. Then it drops off to about two hundred feet. The lake bed is sandy, which makes it a great place to do water hiking. We were fortunate to get the last space available.

Drove the loop around the Burin Peninsula. Our first stop was St. Lawrence, a town which produced the best soccer teams in the nation. The town is noted for its flourspar deposits, which accounted for its prosperity, but also for the numerous deaths from respiratory diseases and cancer, the later cause by radon gas present in the mines. A museum shows the life of the miner. February 18, 1942 is a date that will be forever remembered in US Naval history and in Newfoundland. The destroyer USS Truxton and her supply ship USS Pollux ran aground at night in a blizzard. One seaman was able to scale the cliffs at the shore and saw a light through the blinding snow. It was one of the mine’s lights. The people from the town came out to rescue the sailors awashed in the seas and freezing to death on the shore. Lowering themselves by ropes down the cliffs and hoisting the men up to safety, they were able to save 186 personnel. 203 perished in the oil slick freezing waters. Many of the townspeople suffered frostbite themselves and other injuries. They took the sailors into their homes, warmed them, ministered to their injuries and sheltered them until help could come. A grateful US Government erected a hospital for the community. A trail, which we took, leads the way to the wreck site. A hay building still has the scars of the tar from the sailor’s clothing as they rubbed against it to ascend the hills.

Our next stop was Point May, from which we were able to see France, over 1,800 miles away. Really we saw France’s holdings in North America, the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, quite visible from shore.They can be reached by ferry.

Off to Fortune to seek the ecological reserve. Reached by some precarious paths leading the cliff side rocks of slate the rocks immortalize fossils from over 550 million years ago. Sea clams and worms are just some of them visible in the rocks. A fossilized dinosaur is also resting there too.

When we returned to Golden Sands, the beach was crowded with people. It was time for us to move on. We spent the night at a truck stop on the TCH, ate dinner in their restaurant (excellent food), and retired to the evening.

Trans by JanSport

The Trans by JanSport line can offer you all the choices you could want in a bag for work, school or travel. A good selection of styles is available. There is something for everyone.

Known throughout the industry for strong and durable packs and bags, the JanSport company has proven themselves year after year. Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, the JanSport company has been able to change with the times and meld the practical with a fashionable fun forward new design attitude. The old and the new are well illustrated in the Trans by JanSport line.

A couple of good choices from the Trans by JanSport line illustrate the strength and durability of JanSport products. One choice is the Supermax backpack which has room for clothing, a laptop or books in the single large main compartment. This backpack offers a super large 2300 cubic inches of room for all your totable items. You can stuff to your hearts content and know that the weight will be distributed over the upper body by the ergonomically correct padded shoulder straps. Featured in this Trans by JanSport pack is a very comfortable fully padded back panel to protect your back from bulky and heavy items. A very tough 600 denier polyester material makes up the body of the bag and will stand up to years of wear and tear.

The Trans by JanSport line offers another great choice in the Meter. There is not one, but two large main compartments and a 15 inch laptop will fit snugly in the internal sleeve. This spacious pack offers 2400 cubic inches of space to fill with all your bulkiest possessions. Luckily, comfort is also delivered in this backpack. A fully padded back panel and S curve padded shoulder straps that are ergonomically designed will make it possible to tote the heaviest of loads. You can also carry 2 water bottles on your excursions in the two holders provided. No need to lose track of those small items either as a front stash pocket and two front accessory pockets gives you plenty of options for organizing those troublesome little necessities. Also adding to the comfort are side compression straps that help distribute the weight throughout the body by keeping the pack close to the torso.

A third choice from the Trans by JanSport line is the Cloud. The wheels on this backpack make transforming this pack into a travel pack extremely easy. All your clothing and travel essentials can easily fit into the extra large main compartment that sports around 2000 cubic inches of packing space. Don’t let the wheels fool you. Tuck away shoulder straps makes it possible to quickly convert this pack to a traditional backpack. The inline skate wheels come into use when that load becomes more manageable being towed and they provide good control and maximum stability. This Trans by JanSport bag is the one for you if you are transporting heavy loads or traveling to far away places. To guide this bad a three position handle means you can determine the length that best suits your comfort level and it is retractable when not in use.

The JanSport company tradition of keeping its products low priced is maintained in the Trans by JanSport line. The company culture of discovery and fun is reflected in the awesome color and design choices available throughout their line. You can take something utilitarian and make it your fashion statement. The lifetime warranty means your choice should last many years.

Achieving Sexual Wholeness — The Awesome Benefits of Conserving Sexual Energy and Transmutation

Why waste sexual energy when it can be transformed through yogic practices into ever changing continuous joy and bliss? Nearly everyone I know has no idea how truly awesome transmutation of conserved vital energy can be. Related to trantra, this spiritual approach to sexuality is, under the right conditions, most incredibly fulfilling.

There is nothing more immensely satisfying and fulfilling than the transmutation of stored sexual energy. However, it is not an ordinary accomplishment to successfully conserve one’s vital “sexual energy” fluids for indefinite periods of time and transmute that sexual energy. One needs to know the “big picture” as to what activities best transmute the sexual energy, how to maintain sexual health (essential) and have the wisdom and faith necessary to see it through. Another vital consideration is the diet needs to be high in raw food, super food supplements and antioxidants, especially those foods, supplements, and herbs that support sexual health and wholeness.

Very few fully understand the whole process and how beneficial overcoming the addiction to conventional orgasm can be, let alone even have the slightest notion that the common craving for basic sex is in fact a built-in biochemical addiction involving mainly the neurohormones dopamine (the sexual excitation neurotransmitter) and prolactin (the sexual satiation hormone). Yes, I consider that the natural craving for conventional orgasm to be another one of countless addictions one can be subject to and certainly worth overcoming or transforming into a much wiser, more fulfilling level of being alive and even as a key to helping one overcome other addictions and emotional attachments.

When one thinks of celibacy, one usually visualizes some content, wise and peaceful aging ascetic monk, alone in a quiet cell contemplating God or chanting in a beautiful Latin chorus with hundreds of other monks. On the other extreme are the tantric lovers dancing in each other’s arms thrilling each other through and through with profound ecstasy and love. In both of the above situations and everything in between, there is, hopefully a conservation of sexual fluid and a transmutation of sexual energy. However, the tantric lovers “celibacy” is much trickier and much more complicated than a monk’s form of celibacy.

To remain celibate even during an intimate relationship requires tremendous self-control, self-discipline, self-understanding and years of experience with celibacy. Why even bother? Because the benefits and sheer power of conserved sexual energy, especially while in a relationship with the opposite sex, once mastered and fully transmuted is profound love, intimacy and joy on a whole new level, and I mean really intense, everlasting, love, pleasure, and a sense of wholeness like nothing else. With or without a relationship, one can live in complete joy and I mean live in complete joy forever.

Some yogis have tried celibacy for years and years but achieved very few if any of the benefits I am certain of. The reason: because there are so many tricky aspects to having fully transmuted celibacy and so much to understand and explain.

Most important of all, one’s sexual organs and rest of endocrine gland system, and health in general must be whole. Not much meaningful benefit can ever come from the kind of celibacy that is a result of illness, impotence, frigidity, hormone imbalance, glandular problem(s), arterial sclerosis, extreme old age, or any kind of surgical removal. If there is no sexual energy to transmute, what then is the good of being celibate? It is only a symptom of an illness in that sense.

The key to transmutation (this is important) is the expansion of a strong, healthy libido into bliss with adaptogenic herbs (often called “aphrodisiacs”), herbal antioxidants, vitamin antioxidants, super foods, daily water fasting, daily aerobic exercise outside in a garden or park, breathing exercises, and whatever else that will increase the level of prana (vitality) in the body and connection with nature. Every aspect of transmutation is what one would do anyway to achieve perfect high-level wellness or wholeness. A wholesome diet high in adaptogenic herbs and supplements with complete meals separated by short fasts on loads of water is the most important key factor. Every factor for wholeness must come together and the long term (months into years) conservation of sexual fluids is only one essential factor that would be very hard to achieve nor even make much sense without all the other essentials of this wholeness lifestyle.

I should refer to the ideal form of celibacy I am talking about as “holistic celibacy” or real sexual wholeness. When one, by providing the above mentioned essential Science of Wholeness lifestyle requirements, successfully practices “holistic celibacy” one enters into an awesome sexual renaissance in the form of a massive, and extremely blissful kundalini awakening. What I mean by the kundalini, is a powerful and transforming sexual bliss in every cell of the body that is fully outside, above and beyond the inferior level of regular, all physical sexual activity which only ends in loss of sexual fluid along with some natural but rather undesirable changes in brain chemistry that leave one more prone to depression, restlessness, attachment, dependency and addiction. In holistic celibacy, because no sexual fluid is ever lost, but only transmuted and conserved, the sexual organs become vastly more active, orgasmic, and alive than ever. One thrills ever more each day in infinite, everlasting sexual power, virility and super sensual ecstasy. One wakes up every morning in an inner paradise of intense, perpetual, sexual bliss and goes to work and works all day in that same bliss. One is no longer swayed by the usual frustrating and limiting emotions, compulsions and desires. Could there ever be a greater, more fulfilling level of sexual wholeness than this? What could be a better way to live?

Think about the purity of children and what this means. Remember what Jesus said about children? Children are generally free of the real suffering, concerns and attachments of adulthood. Note the behavior of children verses adults. More often than not, they seem to have endless energy and take great, natural and genuine pleasure in the littlest things. And what do adults do? Nothing but worry, hurry and more worry! Their capacity for enjoyment is far more limited, stagnated and often forced or superficial. In your earliest years before you discovered the intense excitement of sexual release, wasn’t life more carefree and simple? Not so harsh or devastating when things went wrong? Also wasn’t there a constant and pleasurable voluptuousness and blissful bodily vitality that never went away?

Obviously this wonderful achievement of holistic celibacy is not simple and easy for adolescents and adults, otherwise everyone would simply stay celibate and just float away into bliss. Nature cannot allow that to happen otherwise all worldly interest and activity would stop. Nature has placed a built-in “anti-escape” mechanism to prevent everyone in the world from having too much fun and to keep the soul deeply entrenched and grounded in the body, otherwise everyone could get too intensely high to care enough about the essential game of survival. And of course, if all or most people stopped loosing sexual fluids it could mean an end to most forms of human reproduction and therefore the emancipation of the environment from the destructive forces of overpopulation. All physical bodies are naturally genetically programed to reproduce themselves with as many mates as possible and as often as possible. After too long a period of sexual abstinence and sexual energy build-up, the soul would be much more likely to escape from the physical body and be able to find refuge in an inner paradise free of all the terrible limitations and afflictions of the physical world. Competition, natural selection and other developmental evolutionary forces would no longer have enough influence. The “centrifugal” pull of Mother Nature (Maya) is a “necessary evil” used by nature as a strong, overwhelming compulsion to relieve one’s self of sexual fluids either with a partner or without in order to keep one quite materialistic, competitive, possessive, addicted, stuck and grounded to the physical world throughout one’s lifetime.

However, once one learns how to redirect one’s sexual energy instead of losing vital sexual fluids, one discovers a much better way to live, and all those limiting natural laws and wasteful materialistic addictions can be transcended into a vastly superior, even God-like (centripetal) way of thriving. The sex force in a healthy person is so strong, that to redirect that force so that no vital fluids are ever lost again, would be as involved as changing the course of a massive river so that instead of it uselessly flowing into the sea, it is dammed up, stored in a huge lake, and then channeled through an immense hydroelectric generator. Massive energy can come from it in the form of tremendous, everlasting fulfillment instead of the usual temporary and inferior “fulfillment” of the common “procreational” style of sex or masturbation followed by days of emptiness and boredom. What is really more practical? Certainly not regular sex after experiencing all the awesome and magical benefits of holistic celibacy!

Ask Astrid: When Does Fantasy Become Reality

Ask Astrid: When does Fantasy become reality? Is it truly possible to live in a dream, to imagine all sorts of weird things and believe they are real? Or are we all just going cookoo?!

Fantasy or Reality: let’s see which of the following two statements you believe is true:
I ran after a donkey for miles in the desert.
I talked to an ET from the comfort of my bed.

We’ve been seeing more and more evidence of UFOs and extra-terrestrial beings in the very analytical and critical, “facts only” news. On TV and in print. So perhaps the second statement isn’t such a far cry from being true. Unless they are all lying to us!
Well educated and reliable sources tell us of our historic connection to other planetary beings and archeology is proving them right.

As my grandmother used to say, how arrogant of us to think we are the only intelligent species in our multi-verse. And what with the technology we understand is theirs, it wouldn’t surprise us to find out today they’ve been coming in and out of our 3 dimensional lives for ages.
What we have trouble believing is what they look like or their said characteristics. Green, grey or blue, we just cannot fathom meeting one in the streets, just quite yet!

As for running around the desert at age 11, well that’s not given to many! Especially a white lass like me! Yet, it’s true too.

Our reality is based on our experience of it. The only reality we can relate to has to do with the one we live through our senses. Our senses are like the tentacles of an octopus, reaching out to explore that which is outside of itself.
Whatever our tentacles sense is what we bring back to consider as part of who we are, what we do, where we live and what’s around us. Through the exercise of our 5 senses, the energetic drive we emanate through them and the stretch of our mind power, we are able to communicate and heal at a distance, receive forewarning of events to come or knowingness of good news. We acknowledge intelligent presence in the 11+ dimensions quantum mechanics and mathematics reveal to us today and many are those who “make it real”. Science and mind are coming together now opening up fantastic realities that may have been here all along.

We used to think that the fairy tales and their mythical creatures were pure imagination – doubtful existence. Now we’re coming back to our senses, so to speak! Time may not have kept the faith in old beliefs, but it certainly kept their testimonies and what used to be fiction, is now very much part of our uneducated reality.

In our society, our main focus is in the immediate reality and its immediate future. With research funds being cut down, the future prospects have had to first take a hard look at what already exists. Re-discovering fantastic knowledge of long gone eras, to find that we may not have to remake the wheel.
What’s more fantastic is the fact that everything deemed fantastic may not be all that fantastic after all! It was quite the norm apparently to have flying saucers and visitations from outer space some 10,000 years ago, when what we thought were basically ape men, turned out to be quite the catch for spacemen back then!

Advanced technology seems to have come along with a high level of science applied to and through the mind. Genetic manipulations, creating weird mixes of animals and humanoids comes with beings capable of trans-dimensional travel, like we know today’s Sasquatch are capable of and perhaps even our Presidents with tele-transportational free passes!.

Sasquatch is another example of the fantasy world we’re reliving the reality of. Many have tried gunning one down, only to find it disappears in clear view. Gone. Vanished into thin air. Those who connect and communicate with the Sasquatch of today tell us that they can skip to at least 2 (including ours), sometimes 3 different worlds, inter-dimensionally connected.
Not knowing how to do this ourseves, (for those that don’t learn the teachings of the past), men has caught, and succeeded in creating a cloaking system where it may appear the object has vanished, but it is really behind the holographic screen that is projected to the viewer. Who could have thought cloaking, or hovering motorbikes were possible some 100 years ago?!

Hollywood has had a blast creating fantasy worlds, but you’d be curious to know that the big names have had direct access to confidential information regarding the reality of what they turn into blockbusters. Who knows, can play!

So fantasy-land exists. Our times are witness to that. We just have so much of it to remember and rediscover, it’s easy to get lost thinking that some – more and more! – are being completely “enchanted”!

I have a very active left brain (analytical, critical, mathematical), but the right brain has been exercised greatly these past years and the experiences of this fantastic reality have grown tremendously.

I remember as a child always finding myself purposefully saying: Everything and anything is possible. It was my truth, even though sometimes I’d have a hard time understanding how.

In my 20s, I had already asked myself time and time again; who Am I? Who is God? What purpose does my life have. Existential questions that made me feel like I was 60 by the time I turned 30! Whilst at the same time, calling on angels and past loved ones for help, talking to plants and the winds for guidance. Catching orbs on the camera, or being spooked by a talking shadow in the shower.

I remember walking down the icy streets of Aix en Provence one day – and yes, you’re right, it was an exception that it snowed! lol – This man was hurrying in the opposite direction and he rudely bumped into me without saying sorry. Angry an dhurt, I felt like cursing him, but controlled myself enough to simply knot my fingers and visualize him tripping. Which he did!

These magic abilities came in handy and the more I exercised them – in a good way (;-), the greater they became.

Now I get my fun from tapping into the minds of those I sit next to. Or visiting someone remotely to check out what they’re up to. When I’m away, I am confident my animals hear me when I call on them. I know a simple loving touch helps heal and releases pain when applied. I see faces and beings, scenes and places where there is only air! I have become a channel for higher consciousness and when I speak I channel information I wouldn’t have been privy too normally.

The hardest part of living in a fantasy world is when I am in a state of mind that doesn’t allow for this reality to be. I still struggle with my own beliefs, even though it would be even crazier to consider all these experiences as false.

That’s simply because we grew up to believe what someone else decided for us to believe. Rules of conduct that denied abnormality, let alone fantasy.

The question most people turn to when they allow fantasy into their reality, at least conceptually, is; how does that serve me? What can it do for me, my life, my situation, what I am experiencing?
And the only answer to that is to first recognize up to what point, and how much time do you give yourself to believe and experience Fantasy in your current day to day life.